Buying a Computer

Buying A Computer- Practical Advice in a Changing World

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1 Purchasing Sources
2 Preparing for Next Time
3 Big Bad Budget
4 Common "Gotchas"
5 Specs and Needs Analysis
6 Computer Relativity
7 How Much is Enough
8 All Those Add-Ons
9 Hard Core Specs
10 Numbers and Initials
11 Which is Really Best
12 Why Mac's Refuse to Die
13 Why More People Buy PC's
14 PC or Mac
15 When Used Makes More Sense
16 When New is a Must
17 New or Used
18 First Time Buyers Guide
19 Get the Desk Last
20 Software
21 Peripherals
22 Outside the Case
23 Buying a Laptop
24 Custom or Branded
25 Resurrect or Buy
26 Barebones System
27 If You Build It, It Will Hum
28 Out of the Oridinary
29 What You need to Know
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