Wrapping it Up

Macs have their advantages and disadvantages. No one can assure you that you will like it if you use it, but you can be assured that if you don't try you will never know. Hopefully this tutorial will provide the information you need to make the Mac understandable from the computer knowledge you already have.

I am, admittedly, a rabid Mac fan. I flunked a computer course in 1980, on a TRS-80 computer. It made no sense to me, and I swore I would never touch another computer! In 1994 we were given our first computer, a Mac Classic. I bought Macs for Dummies, then bought More Macs for Dummies, then bought Mac Secrets. I loved using the Mac! Within 2 years we had upgraded to a Performa 6218 (color and speed!), and I was teaching a class at a local school on Mac use. I have been providing an assortment of computer services for eight years now, and I work on PCs and Macs both. I have more experience on Macs, and have found learning PC technical details to be much more difficult. Mac is my native habitat. I love computers, and will use any kind I can get my hands on (I have even made peace with DOS!), but for pure fun and productivity, give me a Mac!

I run my business with my seven children swarming around me. We homeschool them in our office, and the 7 Macs we have are a terrific resource in that. We have a few Macs lurking in other corners of the storage rooms also, and about 5 or 6 PCs fighting for their share of space and user time. We have owned PCs from an original IBM PC up to an Athlon Thunderbird, and Macs from an SE up to my DV iMac, with frequent technological stops between.

I welcome questions from people who are still confused. If you are confused about your Mac, I can probably help. If you are just generally confused, talk to your mom!

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