How to Find Your Specs

This varies with System Versions, but most of it is consistent.

RAM, and System Version: Click on the desktop to make sure you are in the Finder. Pull down the Apple Menu, choose About this Macintosh, or About this Computer, or About the Finder, whichever one appears there. It will give you the System Version, and the Built in RAM amount, and whether virtual memory is turned on.

The Finder's About box also shows how much RAM your programs are using.

For Hard drive size, click on the hard drive, and choose Get Info from the File Menu. If you want usage displayed all the time, you can either choose Icon from the View Menu (on older systems this is the only way to get it to do this), or you can go into Apple Menu -> Control Panels -> Views, and select the checkbox that says Show Disk Info in Header (with System 8 and above this setting is in the Finder, in the Edit -> Preferences dialog box - it moves around a bit, but can be set in all recent system versions). It will show the hard drive info as in this image (though some system versions say it differently with two numbers for amount used and amount available...add them and convert to Megabytes to get the info.).

Finder Windows can be set to display disk usage, and even Folder sizes (though it takes some time to calculate).

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