Other Comparable Items

Printers - the Chooser, in the Apple Menu lets you select a printer or designate it as your default printer. Also turns AppleTalk on or off, so the first time you use a new Mac, turn it off unless you are on a Network. For some reason it comes preset to On, and you may need to restart after turning AppleTalk off to get your printer port to behave properly.

DialUp Networking - PPP, FreePPP, or Remote Access. In the Apple Menu, in the Control Panels pop out submenu.

Recycle Bin - Trash...betcha couldn't guess that!

My Computer - The Desktop holds all disk icons.

Shortcuts - Alias, the Make Alias command is in the File Menu.

Find - The find command is either in the Apple Menu, or in the File Menu, depending on which system version you are using.

WordPad - NotePad, in the Apple Menu. Scrapbook and Calculator are there too.

Options or Properties - Preferences

Exit, or the little X in the box in the corner - File Menu, Quit command, or to just close a single window (without quitting the program), the box in the upper left corner.

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