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Most program functions are similar to those in Windows programs. Often commands are found in the same places, buttons do the same thing, and once inside a program, except for the absence of the Taskbar, you may forget you are using a Mac.

A grave dissappointment to many people is that in older Macs the menus are spring loaded, and do not stay down when clicked on. You must hold them down, scroll to what you want, then release on the item you want to select. Windows works this way too, but most people are so used to clicking that they never find this out.

When you are moving between programs, use the Applications Menu. It is the menu in the far right corner of the Menubar. The bottom listings are all the programs you have opened. At the least, it will say Finder, which is the Mac's term for its own operating system. Selecting any application from this list will go to that application. On older systems this menu is just a single icon, representing the application that is currently "on top". On later system versions it shows the top application name as well. In System 6 or lower it is not a menu, but you can click it to cycle through the open applications - the little icon will change each time.

Menu commands are very similar, and in about the same place.

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