In the Apple Menu there is a Control Panels Folder. It has all sorts of customization options. Feel free to play with them, but if you don't know what it is, don't mess with it, some control panels can get you into trouble. Here are some of the most fun:

These Control Panels vary between System versions, so just see which one yours is like.

Appearance - This is the newest customization Control Panel. If you have it you can set patterns, put up background pictures, change your scrollbars, and even attach sound sets to your computer functions. Play around with it and see what you can get it to do! You can use any image file that has the right size picture as wallpaper, as long as you know where it is on your hard drive.

Desktop Patterns - This one lets you put a pattern on the desktop. You can copy and paste any pattern you like into it, but it is limited in the size pattern it will take.

General Controls - In older system versions this has the desktop pattern utility in it. You can play with an 8X8 pixel pattern.

Views - The newer system versions have this in the View Menu, a command called View Options. The older versions have a Control Panel, which lets you set Icon sizes for list views, whether you have them stay lined up, and whether your windows show the amount of space used in your drives, and whether folders show space used with them, as well as a few other niddly preferences.

Sound - Lets you choose your System Beep sound. Also controls sound input and output, and allows you to adjust the main volume.

Use a pre-designed Theme, or create one of your own and save it.

Other fun things to do are:

The Naming of the Hard Drive - If your Mac still has a hard drive called Macintosh HD, rename it quick! Click on the name and wait a second till the box appears around the name, and type in something that reflects your personality. Trust me, you will like your Mac better. Our favorites have been Hal, Spock, Data, Mother Ship, Captain's Log, and currently, iRobot for our iMac. See an emerging theme here?

Make the Mac into almost anything - There are extensions, Control Panels, applications and tweaks for the Mac that do almost anything, including, if you must, putting a Taskbar and Start Menu at the bottom of the screen. Just get onto, and go browsing through the Mac Shareware files.

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