Disks and Drives

You just inserted a CD, and nothing happened, except this little icon appeared on the desktop. This is normal Mac behavior. Any disk, whether it is a hard disk, floppy disk, or CD, behaves the same. The Mac shows a little icon to represent it, to use it you are supposed to double click it to open any disk and access the contents in a window, just like you do the hard drive. The Mac treats all disks the same way in how you get at the contents, and all removable disks are treated the same way whether they are CDs, floppies, or Zips.

When you are finished with the removable disk, drag its icon to the Trash. The disk will pop out (it will not erase the contents). There is an eject command in the Special Menu, but do not use it! It will leave the icon ghosted on the desktop and demand that you return the disk. This command is used when copying between two floppies, which a few old timers still do the hard way. Just trash your disk to eject it.

What if you leave a disk in and shut down? Floppy disks on most desktop Mac models eject automatically when the computer is shut down. The new iMacs have no floppy drive, and some floppy disk drive options do not do this. A CD will stay happily in the drive until you remove it.

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