Accessing Programs and Files

Accessing programs and files, or Where's the Start Menu?

There is no Start Menu. The Apple Menu can be set up to work like the Start Menu if you get lonely for it and cannot function without it.

Most files and applications are accessed from the hard drive directly. Double click on the hard drive icon. Double click on any folder inside it, or, click the little flippy triangle to show the contents in a hierarchal list.

To put a program or file into the Apple Menu, locate the file on the hard drive (or on any other disk...the computer is smart, it will remember), and click it once to highlight it, and choose Make Alias from the file menu. Drop the alias into the Apple Menu Folder, inside the System Folder (on the hard drive). You can change the name of the alias so it does not SAY alias if you like. If you have created an alias of a program or file on a removable disk, and try to use the alias without the disk in, the Mac will request the disk.

Turn this upsidedown and you get something that almost looks familiar!

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