Introduction to Macs

Written by Laura Wheeler

A Tutorial that aims to answer the following questions:

Where's the Start Menu?

There's no eject button, how do I get the floppy disk out?

And most importantly, How do I change the wallpaper?

It will also cover some nifty techie details for the more adventurous.


Covers systems up to OS 9.X.


To a seasoned Windows user, the Macintosh can be utterly baffling. Strange, but true. So here are the basics in a nutshell. This tutorial is created to answer questions I am most often asked by clients who have used PCs and are gingerly sizing up their first Mac. I work with PCs and Macs, both, and have many clients with one, trying to use the other.

I have shamelessly made up the following statistics to define the comparisons between Mac and Windows:

50% of the functions are identical
25% of the functions are similar enough that you can figure them out
25% are totally different and there are no simple comparisons!


 So, having said that, what is it that you really need to know to put you in control of your Mac in a hurry?

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