Click Click Next Philosophy

Due to recent dealings with local people bringing their computers over for me to disinfect and clean their computer I am prompted to write this article. Most people in this generation have been brought up with a "click click next" mindset when installing programs. We do it every day right? One installer is just the same as the next right?


Most installer have hidden checkboxes, or even have them obviously displayed, that if checked (and they are set so as default) they install their own style of toolbar. I have worked on systems that have had 6 toolbars or more, so that you only see half the page of your browser. Toolbars are riddled with spyware and tracking cookies to help "deliver more reliable content to you" when you visit their sites. 

While installing software a rule of thumb I use is ALWAYS check "Custom Install" if offered, that way I can uncheck items like toolbars and optional software from the install. I didn't install a program to get a free trial to McAfee and the latest Yahoo toolbar... Always read before you hit next, look for any check-marks that might be saying you want to install the optionals. I run NO toolbars on my computer, it slows it down, and makes your browser load 10 slower because it has to update all those toolbars with the most current information all while the browser is choking trying to load.

Even programs like AVG want a toolbar installed to help "protect your computer" and all it really is doing is giving you a heads up display of what it is doing instead of just doing it quietly in the background.  I'll let it install the plugin to Firefox, that gives usefull information on safe or un-safe links.

Using the internet requires you to be (at least on a certain level) paranoid. If you don't know what it is FOR SURE, don't click it. In 12 years of using computers, I have had 1 virus, and that was on an unprotected network hardrive. I don't click "Oh look at this funny dog" links on the side of Facebook, I don't click adds on sites.  If I am interested in the product they are offering, I will actually go to Google and search for it there. It's not extremely difficult, but it takes a certain mindset to be able to live happily on the internet where there are Millions (no joke) of people looking to exploit you and scam you out of your hard earned money! 

Be smart, browse safe, and when in doubt, DON'T CLICK! 

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