Computer Instructions in Plain English

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"Hey, guess what?! I have this really neat computer, and... and..."


Now what?What do you do with your computer? Do you want to do more with it than what you're doing now?

Maybe you haven't even bought a computer yet, and you're just looking for information.

Whatever Your Case, Computer Education Happens Here.

We can help you get started with your first computer, or help you make the most of the one you have. We can give you information on buying a new computer, or just help you upgrade.

We offer flexible training with the following benefits:

    Unlimited access to Computer Lessons.

Online Computer Instruction is a free infosite. Anyone who wishes may visit our site and access free lessons and information.

    Easy to Understand

Classes that use real English, and provide understandable translations for complex terms and concepts.

    Simple to Use.

All lessons in a familiar website design that is compatible with the widest range of computers.

    Learn at your own pace.

Take as much time on a lesson as you need. Or skip one entirely if you already know it. You choose. Learn it when you are ready for it, not when someone else thinks you ought to learn it.

    Learn what you want to learn.

Choose the classes you are interested in, skip the subjects you don't want to learn.

    Learn when you want to learn.

Get on at midnight if you like, or at 2:00 in the afternoon. Stay as long as you like, or skip out early.

    Get help when you need it.

Help is only a click away. We will answer generally within 24 hours. No need to feel like you are abandoned in the pursuit of knowlege!

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Ok, that pretty much says it. Looking for people to write some articles, the Windows articles are fast falling out of date with the arrival on Windows 7. I am writing as I can but it's more then I have the time for. Also needing help with the Macintosh articles and anything you want to write regarding Linux (other distros, not Fedora, like's and dislikes etc.)

Also looking for people to write articles about more advanced topics. Server Administration, Securing your network,  things a normal user wouldn't know how to do, but can get precise and simple instructions on how to work out the basics.

This is a non-profit site, Ad Sense pays for the web-space, that's it, therefore all article writers will be given a live link and author bio at the bottom of every article they produce and have approved.