Ideal advertising opportunities for Computer, Web Design, or other Information Technology based companies that want extra promotion! Ads will reach your specific target market.

Select one of our low cost options for promoting your business or town in our sidebar or page bottom ads. We accept text and banner ads.

  • Static sidebar or page bottom ad (sitewide, maximum of 4) - $100 per year or $10 per month
  • Rotation sidebar or page bottom ad (sitewide, maximum of 16) - $50 per year or $5 per month

Advertisers must abide by our "family safe" policy, and may not promote adult, illegal, or unethical content. Promotion of alcohol, tobacco, or gambling is also forbidden on this site. We reserve the right to refuse advertising from anyone, for any reason.

Site stats available on request. 

Ads may be submitted as code, or as text and URL, or graphic and URL.  Animated ads are accepted when the animation does not have a high distraction rate. Flash ads are accepted under the same conditions, and if the ad is not larger than 100k.

Standard banner and button sizes apply, plus one odd size:

468 X 60 for top or bottom banners
125 X 125 for sidebar buttons, or other sizes not to exceed 125 pixels in width.
Header ads must be no more than 250 pixels wide, and 60 pixels high.

Please use our contact form to email us if you wish to discuss placing an ad.

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